Style Counsel

"You never have a second chance to make a first impression."

- author unknown

Rather than succumbing to fashion trends, Lucyann believes in creating looks with enduring style. She starts by creating a foundational wardrobe of beautifully cut, high quality, timeless pieces that one can build upon and update seasonally. Her finely honed sense of aesthetics and style allows clients to experience fashion in a creative and fulfilling way.


Lucyann offers the following services to men and women:

  • Personal Styling & Shopping
  • Wardrobe planning & editing
  • Image Makeovers


"After shopping with Lucyann I started to receive compliments on my clothes... My partner told me the clothes made me look younger and that I must never go shopping on my own again!"

- John Callihane, Banker, Washington

"Lucyann is a life coach for those who want to look their best but don't know where to start.  She put me at ease very quickly and taught me what shapes and styles work best for my body and why. She is a joy to shop with but beware - she is wonderfully truthful about what works! When she is finished you will look and feel wonderful!"

- Fiona Havlish, Pennsylvania

"Lucyann is tremendously gifted at identifying the perfect piece for any woman's body. She picked out items for me that I would never have looked at, and they ended up becoming some of my favorites"

- Kim Slicklein, CEO Enclave Rising, New York

"... she encouraged me to try something new and she was right. She took me just outside my comfort zone, and the green chiffon Miu Miu dress I wore to the party is now one of my favorites"

- Sara Clemence, Editor, New York

"Lucyann gave me a new perspective on dressing, fashion and caring about the image I portray. It's not just about wearing designer clothes but it's a new eye to putting things together and ultimately looking and feeling fabulous."

- Katherine Pearce, VP of Sales, New York

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